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Gili Yalo is one of the most intriguing new musicians in the music scene in Israel. From his base in Tel Aviv, Gili Yalo is launching a solo career in a new project that combines Ethiopian roots with Soul, Funk, Psychedelic and Jazz music. 

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How Racism Changed a Popular Ethiopian-Israeli Singer's Ways. On eve of launching first solo album, Gili Yalo talks about the turning point in his music, his ex-wife Ester Rada, his mom and more



Gili Yalo has been singing his entire life. He sang as a small boy as his family fled Ethiopia in 1984, and sang, sitting on his father’s shoulders, as they made their way to Israel. He sang as a member of Pirhei Yerushalaim, a choir for religious boys, and, as a youngster, did multiple tours of Europe with the group as a chorister and soloist.

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 “Selam” slips into a more traditionally funky groove that employs an Ethiopian melodicism that in turn informs the majority of the rest of the album...

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Gili Yalo’s band is made up of five musicians, including guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and trumpet. An entrancing rhythmic motion is apparent when listening to Gili’s music, from the groove, beat and flow, and up to the lyrics, concept and style of the project.

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La pente est sacrément raide. Elle ne lui fait pas peur. Il vole. Debout, le public exulte. Gili Yalo escalade les gradins, disparaît vers le sommet du Théâtre de la Mer, puis redescend avec la même agilité rejoindre ses musiciens sur scène

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No doubt about it, that potential is vast. Gili’s voice is versatile, his compositions fresh blends of funk, jazz, and Afropop. 

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Arrivé en Israël à l’âge de 5 ans avec ses parents juifs éthiopiens, le chanteur a su renouer avec sa langue maternelle et la musique de ses aînés pour prêcher une meilleure visibilité des réfugiés de la Corne de l’Afrique. Il présente son premier album d’éthio-jazz aux Transmusicales de Rennes.

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